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Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Member of the American Bar Association.

Member of Association of Deportation Defense Attorneys.

Gehi & Associates is a highly reputable boutique law firm specializing in extremely complex immigration cases. The firm has attorneys in three New York City locations and are licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 US states. Legal professionals, including but not limited to attorneys, police officers and assistant district attorneys have often recommended Gehi & Associates to individuals in need of immigration representation. Clients that the firm has represented include: attorneys sponsoring relatives, families of government officers, families of the NYPD, U.S. military, UN employees and individuals in need of immigration legal representation.

The firm’s specialties include: family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, complex federal immigration litigation and serious deportation cases. Over the years, the deportation attorneys at Gehi & Associates have helped countless families in resolving removal cases, including detention. If your relative or friend is in immigration custody or is facing deportation, the attorneys at Gehi & Associates can assist you in trying to obtain an immigration bond, fight for your Green Card before the Immigration Judge or even successfully fight for your rights in the Federal Court. We handle H-1B visas, labor certificates, L-1 visas, and employment based cases

Naresh M. Gehi, the principal attorney of the firm, has been cited as an expert immigration lawyer by Channel 11, WPIX News, and has appeared on New York 1 TV and has also appeared on ABC world news with well-known TV host, Brian Ross. Attorney Gehi has handled terrorism-related immigration cases and has been a speaker at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, as well as a panelist on the Ask the Experts Panel at the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Attorney Gehi and his firm have a proven track record of handling extremely complex immigration matters of every type. The immigration attorneys at Gehi & Associates are highly experienced in handling these multifaceted immigration law matter.

The immigration lawyers at Gehi & Associates have been fighting complex deportation proceedings, petitioning for asylum, and helping clients obtain immigrant and non-immigrant visas for over a decade. Our successful team of New York immigration lawyers have appeared in Immigration Court, Federal District and Circuit Court, and before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Community Activist Award

Super Entertainment - Award obtained in 2005

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City Council Citation

Award obtained in 2004

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Queens Ambassaddor Award

Queens Ambassador Award

Immigration lawyer knows hurdles firsthand

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Avvo Rating 9.8

Avvo rating is calculated using information the lawyer has included on their profile in addition to…

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PIX 11 News - Donald Trump’s court case involving immigration and fashion models lingers.

Palmer’s attorney Naresh Gehi sue Trump for more than $220,000

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PIX 11 News - Fed immigration agents’ search for 4th grader at school leads DOE to clarify policy

Immigration attorney Naresh Gehi speaks about consent when it comes to agents showing up at schools

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Abc News

ABC News - Trump Model: Felt Like 'Slave' Working for Donald's Agency

Beauty vs. the billionaire in lawsuit over Trump modeling agency.

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Ny Times

New York Times - Donald Trump wants to Cut Visa Program he used for His Own Models

Palmer’s attorney Naresh Gehi states that “This is not the end of this case by any means”

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Ny Post

New York Post - Trump Agency Stiffed Jamaican Model out of $200k: Suit

Model’s attorney Naresh Gehi told The Post, the model’s rights were miserably violated.

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Cnn Logo

CNN News - Trump Model to Take Case to U.S. government… but is it too late?

Palmer's attorney Naresh Gehi told CNNMoney that he plans to file a complaint with the Labor…

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Reuters News

Reuters News - Fate of lawsuit brought by Trump model to be decided this month

Alexia Palmer accuses Trump Model Management LLC of lying to the federal government in its…

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Politico - Lawyer for Trump model: We will fight H-1B visa case

Attorney Naresh Gehi till take Model’s case to the Labor Department

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Other appearances

- Speaker at American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) - Appeared in the expert panel at…

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Attorney Gehi helps couple obtain a green card who were in immigration limbo for nearly 20 years.

Read more about this case in the New York Times article:

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Attorney Naresh Gehi on ABC NEWS discussing Donald Trump’s court case involving immigration

Immigration attorney law firm Gehi & Associates help a lot of Immigrants to get a green card, fight against deportation and provides a free legal assistance for all local U.S citizen. NYC Immigration lawyer Naresh Gehi provides free Personal assistance and provide more information about Immigration and deportation matters. Call to Gehi and associates now for a free consultation.

Attorney Naresh Gehi on Fox News discussing the immigration ban.

Naresh Gehi on Fox News discussing the immigration ban.

Can a greencard holder with a criminal record become a U.S citizen?

Can a green card holder who has a criminal record become an American citizen? Watch attorney Naresh Gehi discuss this issue.

Can a person out of status qualify for a green card in the U.S?

Can a person who is out of status qualify for a green card in the U.S. if he marries a U.S. citizen. The answer is yes, you may be eligible for a green card. Watch for more information.

Can you qualify for a green card in a same-sex marriage?

Can you qualify for a green card if you marry someone of the same sex? The answer is yes. Watch video for details.

Can a person, who crossed the border, qualify for a green card?

Can a person who crossed a border into the U.S. qualify for a green card. The answer is yes. Attorney Naresh Gehi explains more.

Can you self-sponsor yourself for green card as a victim of abuse?

Can you self-sponsor yourself for green card as a victim of abuse? Attorney Naresh Geri explains how it is possible.


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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is creating a new program to refer all unauthorized border crossers to the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecution, ramping up his previous “zero tolerance”…

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Gov’t Can’t Toss Suit Over Phone Searches At Border

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Immigration Bill Roundup: Sanctuary Cities, Court Oversight

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Feds Defend Searching Phones At Border Without Warrants

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