What can Gehi & Associates help you with?

With the recent turbulent immigration scenarios, now more than ever you need an immigration attorney to guide you through the policies in America. We have gone out of our way to help reunite families and have fought hard for people battling deportation. We are experts at assisting people who are battling deportation orders, navigate immigration custody and regularly work with people looking for visa extensions. We help our clients obtain bonds, fight for permanent residency and defend their right in federal courts.

We are known for an immigration visa and under the guidance of Naresh Gehi, we have an unrivaled reputation of brilliance.

Services we provide to make sure you have a stable life are:

1. Deportation
2. Immigration Detention
3. Fiancé visa
4. Marriage based immigration cases
5. Sponsoring relatives
6. Fraud waivers and I-601 waivers
7. H-1B visa for highly skilled individuals
8. Employment-based visa
9. The P visa for talented athletes and entertainers
10. Citizenship representation
11. Criminal immigration
12. Battered spouses
13. Citizenship with representation before the USCIS
14. O visas
15. P visas
16. I -140 petitions under EB1 EB2 and EB3 categories
17. CRI
18. L-1A and L-1B visas
19. Religious workers
20. National interest waiver cases
21. Responding to complex RFE’s
22. A second opinion regarding immigration matters
23. Federal court litigation
24. Representation before immigration judges throughout all 50 US states and before the board of immigration appeals.
25. American with Disabilities Act Law